Everything starts with the CUSTOMER, having satisfied customers is the Holy Grail for our business. It does not cost anything to smile. The core objective of CR department to make the customers not only satisfied but delight them because TOYOTA not make the customers for life but for generations. We value open and honest communication and we value diversity and treat all people with equal and mutual respect.customer_satisfaction_nDZAJ

To achieve a level of care that exceeds customers’ expectations, Toyota Shaheen Motors has sought to go back basics, caring for each customer one by one and raising smiles at every touch point. By providing first class, personalized service, Toyota Shaheen Motors can ensure that customer will return to their trusted dealer throughout the life cycle of their vehicle and beyond. Creating corporate trust based on integrity and fair handling of “Inquires & Complaints” we focus on four key elements.

  1. Opening a larger window for customers
  2. Swift and sure handling of “Inquires & Complaints”
  3. Making the “Voice of the Customer” the basis for corporate renewal
  4. Improving corporate image and better informing Customers to support Sales & Service activities



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