Sales FAQ’s

Q1. What is the procedure to pay the balance amount if I booked my vehicle on Partial payment and their deadlines?

Ans. You have to clear the Balance Payment 1 month before the delivery month given, and the deadline is before 20th of that month before delivery month.

Q2. Which documents are required for the insurance claim?

Ans. Valid Insurance Policy, Driving License copy, Registration book copy, CNIC copy.

Q3. Is cigarette lighter is available in new generation corolla?

Ans. No cigarette lighter is not available in new generation corolla.

Q4. Do you have the record of Sales Certificate and Sales Invoice?

Ans. We are only liable to save 10 years old record.

Q5. Do you have the facility to entertain the Japanese cars in after sales?

Ans. Yes we have the facility too.

Q6. At what mileage I have to come for First Free Service.

Ans. There’s too condition. At 1000 KM or after 30 days, which comes ever first?


Q7. Is Daihatsu Cuore discontinued, if yes than what is the alternative for it.

Ans. Yes Cuore had been discontinued since 2011, working is going on the alternative model.


Q8. Which things are covered in the comprehensive insurance?

Ans. Risks covered under insurance are Theft/Snatch, Accident, Third Party Loss, Hailing/Snow Falling, Food, Terrorism, Riot/Strike, Wind/Hurricane, Convulsion of Nature (Lightning or Frost), In Transit by air, road, rail, inland waterway and lift.

Q9. What is the delivery time of new corolla?

Ans. Tentative delivery time after booking is 4-5 months for 1.3 & 1.6 corolla Variants.

Q10. Is Super White color available in Gli 1.3 or not?

Ans. No super white color is not available in Gli 1.3, it is only available in 1.6 and 1.8 variants.

Q11. What are the registration charges for new corolla?

Ans. Approx charges for 1.3 variants for filer customer Rs.43, 000 and for non filer is Rs. 46,000. For filer customer for  Corolla 1.6 Rs. 79,000 and for non filer 88,000. Filer customer for Corolla 1.8 Variants from Rs. 82,000 to 92,000 and for non filer is 93,000 to 1,02,000.

Q12. Daihatsu coure available in Pakistan or not.

Ans. Brand new Daihatsu Coure has been discontinued from 2011 in Pakistan.

Q13. I did not drive my vehicle since 6 months, but my Engine oil was new when I parked my vehicle, so what do you suggest that should I go for new engine oil or not.

Ans. Yes, Engine oil should change after 6 months if you did not drive your vehicle for 6 months.

Q14. What is the time required for FFS of corolla?

Ans.  Almost Half an hour.

Q15. Are you giving CVT-I technology in the Altis 1.6?

Ans. No

Q16. Is there any relaxation for the disabled persons in the taxes?

Ans. Yes

Q17. Do you have the Trade in facility of used vehicle with the new one at TRM?

Ans. Yes we have the facility to exchange used car with the new one we have a separate department for it Name T-Sure.

Q18. Are you offering new  Flaxen Mica color in Altis 1.6?

Ans. Yes

Q19. What are the timings of workshop on Sunday, and can I come for Body and Paint work.

Ans. On Sunday dealership will open from 10 AM – 5 PM, but Body & Paint department will remain closed.

Q20. Do you offer navigation card along with the Altis 1.6.

Ans. No

Q21. What is the average of new Corolla Altis 1.6?

Ans It depends upon your driving habit.

Q22. What is the price of 4 Pirelli Tires?


Ans. Rs. 39,600/-


Q23. Can I book my vehicle on the joint account, booking of a vehicle on the 2 names? Is it possible?

Ans. No it is not possible.


Q24. I live overseas; can I purchase new Toyota Corolla through my credit card?

Ans. No

Q25. What are the home service charges to check the vehicle at door step?

Ans. It depends upon the distance from dealership to the customer house.

Q26. What is the price of Day Running Light DRL?

Ans. Price Rs.  28,000/-

Q27. Are you offering Toyota Grande on installment basis?

Ans. Toyota Ravi Motors is not offering Grande on installment basis, only bank can facilitate you in this case.

Q28. When the 11th Dream Car Art Contest will start, and what will be the final deadline?

Ans. Dream Car Contest has been started and final date of art work submission at dealership is 31st Jan 2016.

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